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Alpine Home Elevators offers a large variety of residential elevators and lifts. Sizes, loading configurations, finishes, and drive systems make planning for each elevator unique. Below you will find some of the typical elevator brochures and their associated planning guides. We’ve also provided the typical “Work by Others” sheets for each of these elevator types to ensure that builders/architects allow for these in the early design stages.

Use the planning guides for initial designs, but do not use them as final construction documents. It is quite common to increase hoistway sizes by a couple of inches in both directions for ease of installation and pit depths are typically increased to 10 or 12 inches.

We will gladly assist during the planning and budgeting phase to incorporate an elevator or lift into your project requirements. Please contact us for our typical ‘work by others’ sheets so that individual state code requirements are incorporate in addition to manufacture requirements.

Product Information

Counter-Weighted Electric Drive

Planning Guide


Roped-Hydraulic Drive
Planning Guide

Winding Drum Drive
Planning Guide


Pre-Planning for an Elevator Hoistway

Design the future elevator into your base floor plan using “in-line closets”.

  • The changes required to the floor plan are:
  • Arrange floor plan to incorporate stacked closets at each floor level.
  • Include an 8″ min. pit with temporary floor at the bottom level.
  • Include a structural wall on the support wall side of the closet for the rails.
  • Match the closet size to the elevator shaft requirements (50″ x 56 ½” for a typical 36″ x 48″ on/off same side cab)
  • Provide false floor at the intermediate floor level.
  • Ensure adequate overhead is built into design at upper level.
  • Make electrical provisions for power and lighting for elevator equipment.
  • Allows buyer or next owner to install an elevator at a later date.

Turnkey Elevator Supply & Install

  • Assistance to incorporate the elevator requirements into the home builders floor plan.
  • Provide “consignment” elevators for model homes on a select basis.
  • Elevator trade contractor will provide turnkey installation and service.
  • Extended warranty programs available to end users.