A roped-hydraulic drive system uses a hydraulic ram located between the guide rails in the elevator hoistway. The hydraulic reservoir and control panel are located outside the hoistway, typically at the lowest level of the elevator. Because there are no moving parts, the hydraulic tank and control panel do not require a separate machine room. A machine area within 25 feet of the hoistway is acceptable.

Every elevator is designed and built to meet or exceed the strictest elevator, electrical, mechanical and building safety guidelines.Whether you are renovating, or building new, we can easily incorporate the roped-hydraulic drive elevator into your home.

The roped-hydraulic elevator features many of the same construction materials as commercial elevators to ensure long-lasting reliability. The electronic systems are optimized for ease of installation, while the remote power unit provides a safety feature allowing full access for maintenance and the emergency systems.

The high efficiency hydraulic drive system is dependable and provides an exceptionally smooth ride, while the submersible pump and motor are whisper quiet.With the industry-leading capacity of up to 1,000 lbs, your elevator provides maximum functionality.

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